What is it to trust someone, something, a circumstance, anything? What is it to trust, do you know or can you do it? First I want to say that the devil is always trying to get you and he can come before you giving you signs that you think are from God. You have to trust that little flutter of butterflies, the small feeling of doubt and then take the time to evaluate what the feeling is all about. You must not react too quickly to what you believe to be so perfect, because it may not be perfect at all. As long as you have questions about something, take your time not to be so hasty. Don’t let these butterflies go without regrouping your thoughts and don’t forget to breathe. Learn to trust your instincts. I say if it seems to good to be true it probably is. If the opportunity is good, if the new relationship is good, they will be there even after you ask all your questions, even if you investigate further.

I recently had to learn who to trust all over again. After a terrible experience in my relationship life, I had some trust issues and I did not follow through with my deep feelings I was having. I had a lot of unanswered questions and soon I was trusting him instead of myself. I soon realized that this man was not who he said he was. At least he was not genuine as he said he was.

I had to let him go and emotionally it took a toll on me. I began to not trust anyone and it was taking over my life. I had friends and family involved, and I became very depressed. I was starting all over again to learn to trust my feelings.

I went back to talking to my friends and one friend in particular I had met online and he would try to convince me he already knew these circumstances were going to take place. I was mad at him for telling me he already knew. It was as though he knew my internet friend was that I grew to love and respect and trust. He didn’t know him, he just could see passed the garbage that I could not see.

As I spoke more with this friend, who that I will call “Leo”, I realized something was wrong. As I spoke with Leo about things that were wrong with what he was saying. I realized that MR Wright came to me as MR nice guy but he was really the devil. At least that is what I know so far. He was wrong for me and would continue with his secrets and his lies he would tell me.

Leo has become the one he said he would become much before I would have thought. He had told me God said you would be in my life, and I just let him write this to me. However after the wrong person entered my life, I did not realize that Leo would not only be in my life but he would become a part of my life forever. He is my friend and we have spent many hours talking. Little did he know was that to be my friend he was going to have to get passed my trust issues that I was having. I was going to put him through great scrutiny. I was going to have to work out the trust issues one at a time. I have learned to trust him more each day. Learn to trust your small voice that you hear or the butterflies you feel. It takes time but you can do it.

I had decided to start my own online business over a year or so now, and I have come against great scrutiny with the idea of learning from the ground up how to run a business. I have had to trust my coach to teach me and I have learned that I have to trust that I am doing the right thing. I am happy to say that I started with a blog and it is up and going. I love to write and I believe you readers love it. You can earn money with your blog with advertisements and you can create other streams of income and attach or link your blog to your business to guide traffic to your blog so you have the interested customers to your business that you create. Learn to trust yourself, don’t listen to negative people, learn to trust those butterflies.

Learn to trust yourself and when you trust yourself you will know how to trust others and trusting others is very important. When you start your own business at home let me know. Find your passion and you will find your online business should be. You will feel it in your heart. Trust is very import to have in your life.

Your friend, Joy

Focus On Your Goals

I must focus on goals and how I want to feel at any given moment. I need to love and respect myself enough to know, I do not want negativity and unhappiness to be part of my agenda. I must focus on my goals and keep my attention to the positive if I want to be happy and helpful to others. Writing your goals down is very important when you want to change something you have come accustomed to doing. Staying focused on goals is so much easier if you have them written down where you can see them often and talk about them to yourself or to others. You can even speak about your goals over and over every day, and it will become a new habit you won`t want to break! This habit will become one of the best new activities you can do to focus on goals!

Your friend Joy

Do Mistakes Define You?

I do know that I am judged by my mistakes in life and I am quite frankly disappointed. I have asked this question about my mistakes for a long time. I am, now understanding that I am more than the mistakes that I have made. I don’t feel like just because others say it’s a mistake that it is. I also don’t feel like what I believe to have been a mistake ten years later really was a mistake at the time I did it. If it felt right for the given situation, it was right for me at the time.

This subject of discussion is do mistakes define you. Now that I am older I have learned that God knows my flaws, he knows my heart as he knows your heart. God knows my heart. I find myself saying, God you created me, you know me, you know my heart. I am Joy Marie. I am God’s creation.

You must learn not to dwell on your past mistakes. You must leave them in your rearview mirror and never look back. Here is a quote to think about. It’s not our mistakes that define us. It’s what we do afterward that counts the most. I know that I have made plenty of them. I have spent many a day feeling stupid and guilty over the mistakes or thinking about who I hurt.

What you have to do is learn from your mistakes because you are human and you are going to make mistakes. Just remember where mistakes are, there are always lessons to learn, but the mistakes don’t define you.

Your Friend, Joy

The Law Of attraction Works! 

The law of attraction really works. Ever since reading the book called The Secret and watching the movie,  I have been well aware of the law of attraction and have been purposely using it in my life ever since. I am constantly living my life now in total awareness of coincidences that excite and amaze me! Especially when I realize I have caused these so called coincidences to come about since I have learned how to apply the law of attraction in my life. So these coincidences are not really coincidental, are they?
I have actually been purposely responsible for their occurrence in my life with applying the law of attraction, by my positive thoughts and feelings prior to their happening. It truly is a wonderful amazing feeling, knowing how much power I carry with me because I know about the law of attraction.  I simply put the positive thoughts and feelings I have out to the universe which keeps coming back to me in so many amazing ways!

The understanding of a coincidence to me is just another `aha` moment knowing I am getting my daily dose of the law of attraction working in my life without a doubt!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Your friend, Joy


Sometimes I just have to ignore people and things that are said so I can keep the positive feelings going. When I am using my thoughts to attract what I want and I get around someone that has negative thinking and has negative thinking patterns, it will repel what is in my mind, so I have to ignore them. If I don`t ignore them it will alter my thoughts and my frame of mind will change. You must have positive feelings at all times.

You don`t want to be rude to people, but if you are careful they won`t realize they are being ignored. Keeping your positive mental attitude going is imperative for creating the right vibrations for the law of attraction to work for you. Positive thoughts will always keep you in the right frequency for the universe to help you with it`s magic!

Quickly change your negative thoughts! Catch yourself early! When I have a negative thought about something, I am starting a feeling of not loving. Don`t get started with feelings of not loving with negative thought patterns.  Catch yourself early and feel the love you can use to find the positive in what confronts you.

Catching yourself early will be the quickest way to manifesting what you want to have for your life! Find the positive thoughts to manifest positive outcomes of loving in your life. It is the law of attraction. Use your positive thinking to disrupt any negative feelings. Make yourself dwell on thoughts that make you happy and it will have you in the right frequency to receive from the universe other thoughts you will desire to have!

Your friend, Joy

Be happy!

When you are happy, others around will see this and they will feel your energy and soon enough their negativity will fade away.  Please yourself, and you will in fact please others. You can help other people be happy just by being happy yourself. It just happens. Smile and laugh and watch it become contagious. Be a positive example to others.

You must do things to be happier yourself.  If you want to show others ways to be happy, show them by example how they can be happy. They will learn by example by watching what you do. Put some happy music on and sing o dance. If you find that you are becoming negative think about something funny. You can change what you are doing and go do something that takes your mind of what you were thinking about and you can change your thoughts to happy ones. Here is where you walk the walk and learn to love everyone around you.

Your friend, Joy

Do you know how to use the law of attraction?

Do you know how to use the law of attraction? There have been many times in my past I was using the law of attraction without realizing it. Whenever I was dreaming of doing something that I loved to do I was using the law of attraction. When I was a young child and thought about what I might get for my birthday or what I would get for Christmas I would use the law of attraction without knowing it, but it worked anyway!

You should know how to start using the law of attraction because you have been doing it since childhood. Dream now of what you want for your life and hold on to that dream as if you have it already and do this every day for five minutes. The law of attraction will work for you now as it has even before you knew about it because it is law!  While you are in this imaginary state feel every detail of it and own it. Let it really sink in, until you are emotionally happy about it.

The universal law of attraction is free and will be the best way for you to attract anything in your life you desire when you adhere to the simple principals of gratitude and positive thoughts and feelings!

Your friend, Joy

Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Have you ever done it? Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone? Is it easy. I am one of the persons that seems to change when my situations changes. For instance, if you have read my posts you will learn that I have been married widowed twice and married and divorced after 20 years. Each time my life changed, I became that new life 100%. I just seemed to fall right in like it was all natural to do. Being widowed twice has not been easy. I was someone’s wife, mother, grandmother, Aunt, daughter etc. Every time I had a new mate, it seems that I became this whole new person that fit it the life before me. It was not always the life I thought I had. It seemed to have twists and turns and changes which meant I had to step out of my comfort zone.

Change is a good thing. It allows you to expand your mind. What is it do you want to aspire in your lifetime? I have always wanted to be a Nurse. I remember finding out how I needed a real genuine High School Diploma just to get in the program. I had to step out of my comfort zone. Go back to High School and possibly embarrass my kids because I had to enroll at their school. I went at night with all the troubled teens or drop outs, but I believe when they saw me there it may have inspired them to get their work they were there to do accomplished. If this lady can do it so can I. Then, I learned I had to get to college level in my courses. Match and English had to be advanced. It was definitely out of my comfort zone.

It would have been easier to go to a minimum wage job, but I knew in order to advance myself I had to go back to school and college. If there is anything I learned it would be if you aspire to grow in yourself, stepping out of you comfort zone is worth doing.

I knew that I would feel so educated so courageous so important if I would step out of my comfort zone and become what I always aspired to do since I was 16 years old. I knew when I started this dream of being a Nurse building my confidence, I was going to have to believe in myself and step out of what was comfortable and just get started.

It has been like that since I started my own online business. You will not know what you are capable of doing unless you step out of you comfort zone and believe in yourself, know that you can do this. If it is to be a teacher or start your own online business or write a blog like I do, you first have to decide that you will do this. You must believe in yourself and take the steps to learn everything you need to. I did I have an online business and I also write in my blog to drive traffic to my site. Take that leap of faith and do it.

Believe that you can and get ready for change and take it one step at a time and breathe. Let me know how you are doing when you get started. Don’t give up. You will make it and when you do, start another project and challenge yourself. Love it.

Your friend, Joy

What is Doubt?

Do you find yourself doubting yourself? Do you make all of the decisions in your life? These questions are some of what I think about a lot lately. I often find myself doubting myself. I don’t believe it is me not liking my decisions I make, it is the people around me that try and dictate just how I need to do thing in my life. Funny is it that they have all the right answers for you. Your loved ones even want to tell you what to do. I have made my decisions all of my life and it has been annoying me lately that everyone knows what is best for me. Of course they are not even living in my household.
I have not always doubted myself when making any decisions in my life. I have come to realize that it is okay when you doubt yourself sometimes. Have you ever come across some decision making that if you decide what to do it could be wrong or this could happen or that could happen?


I have found myself in situations that felt completely right and interference from the outside friends or family made me feel uncomfortable about what I decided to do. I was determined to do what it was I wanted to do. After all I am almost 60 and I have raised my children and they don’t live with me and nor do my friends. It is important to weigh the positive and the negative in every decision you make for yourself.

I have learned that when I choose to do something and it turns out wrong, I won’t repeat it the same way again. I will make sure I am making decisions that only hurt me if they are they do turn out to be wrong. Life is full of lessons and I have learned many along the way.


Over a year ago, I decided to begin a new venture in my life since I was divorced. I started my own online business. I first embarked on the idea to start my own blog. I had to choose a domain name and think about what my passion was. I have always wanted to write a book so the next best thing for me was to write about my life experiences because since I was 18 I have been blessed with many.


I had so much to learn about writing a blog and I had a coach so I knew I could trust her guidance. I knew I had to be serious about it and so I just dug my heels into this blog and I got started. I want you to know that this was a decision I had no doubt whatsoever. It was a great feeling for a long time that I was going to write about things I was passionate about and the whole world would read it. What I didn’t know is anyone I talked to about my blog could not understand why I was writing it. The question they had was what was in it for me. I knew I was writing this blog with intentions of monetizing it.


I did not fully understand it, but I was up for the challenge. I have had some changes in my life that I wanted this blog up and running very soon. Days turned into months and months turned into a year and now it is well over one year now and it is almost done. I started doubting myself and my family would hear about the expense of getting started, coaching and learning, and they doubted me, too.


It has been a great learning experience. My thought is this; Why do I let outside people interfere with my decision to keep on going because I believe in me?

Whose decision is it anyway? They are not funding it. They don’t write it for me, and they are putting their valuable time into it. They don’t lose anything and they don’t believe in my decision, I do. I am not disappointed in my decision.

Don’t doubt your decisions you make. If you make the wrong decisions in life, you make them and don’t repeat them. You must know that when you are deciding to do something like a blog understand why you are doing it. It is either self-satisfaction may be one reason, or you want to earn money with an online business.

I knew that I was going to start several online businesses and my blog was the beginning. I knew that I needed to learn all I could about having an online business and a blog was a good place to start.


Of course, along the way, I would be told I was getting so close to getting my blog published that I knew that it would be going before I retired at my day job. Of course, my family would hear I was not quite there yet and ask when I would earn some money. I was concerned too, however I continued writing my posts and ignored the negative feedback I was getting.

The doubts have crept upon me many times and family was not helping with their negativity. There comes a time when you have to believe in you. I have believed in what I am doing. I know it is successful. I tell myself what I write is helpful to the readers. I have something to say and I will be heard. I want to help all people. I want to write to women and men. I don’t care if you are employed, unemployed, single parent, divorced or you are widowed or you are retired or just need some extra money. Life experience is valuable experience and if my experience helps one person in their life then I have done the right thing.


I don’t doubt my decision. I have found out lately that I ask myself, can I live with the consequences of my decisions in my life, and am I hurting anyone with the decisions that I make? I am by myself, divorced and I earn my money at an honest living and earning more money can only improve my life. I hurt no one.

Don’t doubt yourself in what decisions in life that you make. You will not know if you are making wrong decisions unless you learn by you own mistakes. If you want to earn money online, you will not know how it will be unless you try. Don’t doubt yourself. I don’t believe you would have come up with the decision to research it if you were not thinking about it at one time or another.


The first time I thought about the idea of an online business was over 10 years ago. I did a cold calling with a dieting product. I did not like it, but I did like the idea of an online business then. Do your research if you need to, but neve doubt yourself. You will never know if it would have been successful unless you try it.


Don’t let others decide for you. You can ask yourself the questions I asked me. Who am I hurting if I do this and can I live with the consequences if it does not work? I am here to tell you to not give up. Don’t quit. If something doesn’t work out the first time, don’t quit.


First find your passion. You want to be happy with your own online business. When you start your blog, you can find your domain name right here on my site and find all you blog needs and your online web site needs without leaving my site. Write me a note when you get started and good luck as you find out what your passion is and go for it.


Your friend, Joy

How to attract money

Using positive affirmations and the law of attraction are just a few ways to have more money in your life. Here are a couple of things I do for attracting more money in my life. First, I am always thankful for the money I already have at this very moment. It matters not, how much or how little it is! I will repeat over and over throughout the day, “I am a money magnet and money comes to me easily and effortlessly. These two things are simple and powerful for attracting more money in your life!
There are other simple ways to make money coupled with the law of attraction. Earning money at home is how I like to do it. One of the ways is to make money blogging! That is what I am doing right now! When you find something you are passionate about and can write about it you can make lots of money when you blog about it. Do yourself a favor and don`t fall for ads you read that tell you how to attract money instantly! It does not work! There are ways to make easy money online and blogging is one of them but it does take some time and it is easy. You just have to be committed and do it the right way and you will succeed. You can blog and earn money doing it.

Your friend Joy

What is Change?

That has been a big word in my life lately. What is change? It is all that we should be doing in life. I believe that if we are not changing, we are not growing. To be a part of life, you have to accept change. It is a part of learning to adjust in the ever changing world around us.

Change is the knowing that not everything is permanent, right? Someone loses a loved one in their life every day. When this happens it requires change. It is not always the change that we think that we want, but accepting the loss is part of changing. How many of us have lost a loved one in our lifetime and thought that it was going to be a difficult journey in life to go on without the one person that you thought would be in your life forever.

I remember when I was 18 and I got married to the most, good looking hunk of man in my school. I mean he was a hunk a hunk of burning love. I look back at those years today, and I just think how silly I must have been. It all was not so bad because even though I was the most naive person in the world. One day, I woke up with four children and the sperm donor was gone again. Yes, I said it, he knew what fast sex was, but he never knew what it was to be a Dad, a provider or a husband.

Life went on and I got married again to another handsome man. He was the father of his two children, became a dad to my children and together we hand ours. We had yours, mine and ours home. Change is a big word. Change could be that you are overweight and you want to be healthy. In my case, it was I wanted a steady household. I feel like I was in so many different circumstances and unable to accept changes.

My husband number two, were destined to have a happy family and many years together. One day, another alcohol day came along. This time it was a cop, off duty cop was drinking and driving and so was my husband. That fatal day brought about change that one would never want to experience. The children had to live it in their way, and I had to live it, too. I, being the mother thought I had to fix it. Here my children were without a loving dad in their life. I thought it was all, my fault, but it wasn’t. It was another experience with circumstance. This family was a victim of circumstance. Now, I know that it wasn’t the circumstance as much as it was that I be accepting of change.

Change, how does one really accept this change in one’s life? To experience widowhood, a loss of a parent, a dad, a brother, an Uncle, a lover, a best friend, a co-worker, or a son involves change.

The circumstance at hand was that I was about 26 years old and inexperienced at change. My mother, my friend, said to me one day that my children would react how I reacted. She told me, that I had to go on with life. I had to show them that life goes on, changes happen. I said, “Who will want me with seven children?” She told me I didn’t need anyone. I was to remain single in life. I sure know I did not hear that.

Now life did go on for me and the kids. I did have a boyfriend, and then I got married to a man that was a very smart man with no children in his life. He said to me, my home is bigger than yours and I have no children let me give you and your kids a different life. Well, that was music to my ears. I got married to an alcoholic. I thought I could change his bad habit.

Change comes in disguise. The change I wanted for him was if he stops drinking, we will be happy. You can only change if you want to change. He liked his drinking and he was one of those drinkers that drank coffee during the day and drank his hard liquor by night. I thought if I remodeled him home, cleaned him up, showed him a happy home filled with children, he would not drink. Change is a choice and he made his. One day, I decided that drinking was getting volatile and I was changing. I did not want it anymore.

Drinking seemed to be following me. I wanted to end this. It would mean change. We did make the change, however, I became widowed in about 30 days because he drank himself into a heart attack and he didn’t even know it. Now I was widowed again. This time was different. We were falling out of love and this very smart gifted man was gone.

Change is a big thing. It is not easy. Accept change in your life. I want you to read my next post Change is a good thing. Visit here often.

Your friend, Joy

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